by Esther Boutique Sep 20, 2013

Join celebrities in the quest for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer awareness. Upload a selfie today with the hashtag #brightpinklipstickday

Jess Hart for #brightpinklipstickday #pinkhopeaus #revlon

Olivia Wilde

Bright Pink Lipstick Day – The Facts:

In Australia, it’s believed that nearly a quarter of a million men and women carry a hereditary gene that put them at increased risk of breast, ovarian, prostate and other cancers. In 2007, Access Economics data revealed that one young high risk woman (under 65, if diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancer) can cost the affected individual, their family and the healthcare system up to $1.75 million in their life-time. If you look at the estimated figures of 1000 young women at risk, the estimated cost of treating them in their lifetime would be over $1.5 billion! And that is only the physical cost; the emotional cost to these families who are affected year after year and generation after generation is enormous.

The government spends billions on cancer patients once they are diagnosed; all we want is an investment into prevention and education. We need to make it easier on families taking preventative action through genetic testing and surgery. There should be no out of pocket costs if we are saving money in the long term.”

Since Hollywood star Angelina Jolie’s decision to have a preventative double mastectomy, her voice and profile has brought much needed attention to the harsh reality of hereditary cancer – and her action to go public has meant that Pink Hope has experienced over a 700 per cent increase in families reaching out, and as a result is in desperate need of additional funding.

Pink Hope’s founder, Krystal Barter, was only 22 years old when she discovered she had the BRCA1 gene fault that gave her an 85 per cent chance of developing breast cancer and up to 65 per cent of ovarian cancer. Krystal says, “Whilst in hospital recovering, I found there really wasn’t anywhere for me to go for support or information, so I formed Pink Hope to help other families in a similar situation to my own.”

Video source: Budah PR/Pink Hope

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