by Esther Boutique Aug 27, 2013

15._Scout_pants_-_sepia_rose3_1024x1024Gone are the days when it was considered unfeminine to wear pants, with today’s woman embracing the style as part of their everyday look.

Ever since the innovative idea to introduce denim jeans for women, the trend has never looked back. It now includes leggings, “jeggings”, cords, cargos, high-waisted, low-waisted, office pants, leather … the list is endless.


According to the International Business Times, pants are big in the world of fashion and are an essential in any woman’s wardrobe. They’re not going anywhere fast.

The trend is fitting when you consider the life of the average woman these days. Not only do women tackle home life, but quite often they are tackling a monster-sized career on top, meaning life is busy, busy, busy.

A comfortable and practical addition to the wardrobe, pants make life easier.

The good thing about today’s pants is that they can still look ultra feminine with the right accessories. When teamed with a pair of heels, a tight-fitting top and a slim belt you will never fail to impress.


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