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At Esther we’re forever on a mission to give a voice to the voiceless.

We truly believe that by working together, real change will be seen in the world.

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The best part is, we’re just getting started! Each month we support a variety of charities on topics close to our heart. We also have a partnership with Be Hers, an organisation devoted to ending human trafficking.

We donate $5 from every order over $300 to Be Hers.

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Be Hers

Be Hers aims to raise awareness and funds for those trapped in sexual slavery. They partner with The A21 Campaign to see freedom, hope and justice restored to these victims. They have an annual event which is aimed at women and empowers the everyday woman to use what is in her hand to make a difference for others.

Perhaps you were born for such a as this

— Esther 4:14

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