how to murder the silk blouse like gillian anderson

The character Stella Gibson played by Gillian Anderson on the BBC2 series “The Fall” is steely, smart, and the owner of many tasteful silk blouses.

The show’s silk blouse phenomenon offers an excellent opportunity to review why the silk blouse remains a classic in women’s fashion. Anderson’s character wears smart if rather masculine suits that are softened by the silk blouses she wears.


The blouses – all of which come in different shades of cream – show a little bit of neckline and rounds off a feminine silhouette, adding sophistication and elegance to the figure.

The first series has been a major success, with a second series already planned. The show has already set off a spike of silk blouses just like the ones worn by the central character.

Complement a silk blouse with a narrow pencil skirt and heels to achieve Anderson’s look.