the influence of feminism on the fashion world

Feminism has had a distinct influence on fashion trends throughout many different stages in modern history. The idea of equality of the sexes in all areas of life has created fashion trends that continue to reflect changing social, political, and economic rights for women.

For example, during the 50s, women’s fashion featured tight outfits, voluptuous figures with prominent chest areas, and feminine accessories such as hats and gloves.


In contrast, the free-spirited 70s featured rebellious and free-flowing style. With the arrival of the new century, there was yet another evolution in women’s fashion. Today, women’s fashion reflects confidence and strength.

Today’s fashion accentuates and highlights the power of women in society. Power suits, stilettos, jackets, and dramatic makeup are some of the fashion trends observed in the current age.

Tight shapes, high hemlines, strong silhouettes, and the lack of constraints convey the equality of women who are empowered to choose for themselves, not just in fashion, but also in other aspects of life. In the fashion landscape, today’s women have more choice and opportunity than ever before.