Esther's Guide to an Indoor Paradise

It seems the lockdown trend of decking out our humble abodes with the lush foliage isn't going anywhere, and we are so here for this. Plants are the ultimate home accessory, they not only dress up & liven any boring corner of a room, they serve as an instant pick me up to the soul. At Esther we're all about those feel good vibes, and such have put together a list of our Teams absolute favourite house plant must haves. Check it out! 


"Growing up we always had an Aloe Vera plant in the house. I remember my mum always used the squishy clear gel for everything from burns, bruises to a quick whipped up DIY Mask - it has so many healing qualities! Since then I've always kept an Aloe Vera close by. I love that it has so many versatile uses, but what I love about it most is no matter how many times I forget to water it, it still survives!" - April 


"I'm a huge fan of cascading vines & hanging plants. You'll find almost every shelf in our place with some sort of plant that spills over the edge. My favourites are Boston Ferns, Burro's Tail & String of Nickels! They are a great way to fill in the corners of a house, and as a bonus, they are wonderful natural air purifiers!" - Jumana  



"You could say my passion for plants is Masterchef inspired. I love to cook & in my spare time am always whipping an edible sensation in the kitchen. Thanks to my recent TV escapades, having a little in-house herb garden has become a non-negotiable. There's nothing more delectable than adding in some fresh rosemary to your roast, a dash of basil to complete a bolognese and no matter when or what, there's always a time for Thyme!" - Laura  


"Being a fashionista I'm always looking to surround myself with beauty & pretty things, so for me I'm all about florals. I love bright purple Orchids & deep red Lipstick plants. (Appropriate as this is also my favourite lippy colour!) Florals are a bit more delicate and tend to require that extra bit of TLC, but I find caring for them all the more worth it when they come into full bloom & waft a delicious earthy scent through the air." - Stefania


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