Mother's Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day this weekend, it’s time to start figuring out the perfect present for your perfect Mum! This year at Esther & Co., we decided to save you the hassle of endless brainstorming and mindless googling by giving you a list of fool-proof Mother’s Day gift ideas. 

Dress Her Up

Whether your Mum is a fashionista who’s rocking the latest trends every season or on the other hand, really needs a wardrobe makeover, everyone appreciates a nice new dress. Regardless of whether you’re eating out or having a home cooked dinner, you've got your Mum's outfit sorted! At Esther, & Co., we have a stunning collection of different dresses for any occasion, from flattering cocktail dresses to a more relaxed day dress. Take a peek, you're guaranteed to find the perfect match for Mum!
 Keane Dress

Linwood Dress

Truth Dress


A Personal Touch For Her Humble Abode

For Mum’s who love decorating their homes and spend hours at IKEA looking at different furniture, we recommend a special homeware gift. A delicious candle or diffuser will have your Mum feeling ultra relaxed -which is exactly what she deserves! Also consider small touches to add to her home, such as a cushion or sentimental print. Check out our range of homewares online now, where you can find the ultimate gift for Mum from brands such as Hutwoods, Miss Poppy Design, and Ivory & Deene!
Tigerlily Blossom Diffuser


A Girl's Best Friend

Jewellery is the gift that keeps on giving. No matter what age, sparkly earrings or a dainty necklace is a fool proof gift for any Mum! Opt for a simple chain with a sentimental pendant, some flashy earrings, or even make it super special with a personalised necklace by Frankly My Dear. 
Wishbone necklace


Monogrammed Necklace


The Perfect Parcel

Make it personal with a classic Mother’s Day package including flowers, some champas, and a personal card. Mother’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a bouquet of your mum’s favourite flowers and what better way to pair it with a heartfelt card that will make her feel that extra special. Also, a bottle of wine can be shared between you and is perfect for mother daughter bonding. Add in any personal touches and dress it up just the way she likes it!

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Let Her Decide!

Don’t want to risk buying the best Mum ever something she hates? A gift voucher is forever the safest option because your mum can get whatever she wants, whenever she wants. An Esther & Co. Gift card is valid for 1 year, meaning Mum can choose her favourite items as they pop up over time!  Our gift vouchers range from $20 to $200 to suit any budget.
 Esther Gift Card 


Regardless of what you gift Mum this Mother's Day, the most important thing is to treat her with kindness and respect on her special day. Here's to every Mum out there loving us endlessly no matter what!