The next beautiful, curvy model we would love to share with you is Jessica Gomes. When you think beautiful - society has a stigma linking to thin, model, size 0! However sex symbol Jessica Gomes is another beauty trying to alter the image of thinness that the fashion world have become obsessed with. The gorgeous Australian is now a spokesperson for David Jones Limited and Qantas, having a voice that is echoed internationally. 

The stunning model isn't exactly a size 0 or a stick thin runway walker. She has been listed as number eight in the 2013 AskMen International poll of the "world's most desirable women." A figure of health and positive body image, Jessica strongly believes in a work-life balance. Part of her beauty is expressed through her lifestyle and passions - one of which is promoting all shapes and sizes are beautiful. 

"I'm really proud to be Australian and I'm proud to be half Asian. I love Asia, and I love how its a big part of the economy. I think it's fantastic that Australian is using more ethnic girls, all shapes and sizes - and so they should! We are now a very multicultural country so I think we should embrace all beauties - in spite of skin colour, body mass or dress size" Vogue magazine

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