a guide to festival fashion

The arrival of the festival season may warrant a review of your wardrobe. While many festivals have their own style and corresponding unspoken dress code, there are a few basic rules and trends for inspiration that can help when the time comes to choose your outfit for a music festival.


Fringing is a popular trend right now, and there is nothing better than some fringe detailing on denim shorts, dresses, shirts and tops, bags or scarves. Fringing adds a subtle bohemian touch to any outfit, making it an excellent choice for festival gear. For a more stylish look, choose from bright and lively colours, rather than “cowgirl” or “cowboy” browns.



Layering is an easy way to choose that casual, bohemian, and effortless style associated with festival outfits. A loose-fitting shirt with a light jacket, a floral-print maxi dress with a vest and sandals, or a scarf and a playsuit under a light vest are some ideas for a casual, layered festival look.

Old and new

Mixing the old and the new is another way to achieve bohemian style. For example, a vintage shirt could be matched with a smart tote and some well-cut shorts for a comfortable yet relaxed-looking outfit. Alternatively, old cut-off denim shorts could be matched with a floral shirt and some ankle boots for effortless style.


Packing a few dresses is another easy way to stay stylish during the hot festival days. Complement a flowing, knee-length dress with some ankle boots or sneakers. Alternatively, contrast a pale-coloured baby doll dress with a leather jacket, or choose a simple floral-print dress and accessorise with a scarf and smart bag.


While a jacket may not be necessary during most days of a summer festival, a light jacket can come in handy when the weather turns colder. Military-style jackets are trending right now, so pack a faded green jacket for the colder times. Shirts can also be a good way to keep warm during the evenings, and these can be worn over dresses and tees.

Hats and sunglasses

Hats are usually a must-have at a festival as this accessory also offers protection from the sun. Choose a floppy straw hat, a sailor cap, a panama-style felt hat, a straw trilby, or any hat of choice. And pack a pair of sunglasses for when the glaring sun is too much to bear.

Shoes and bag

Comfortable footwear is an essential element of any festival outfit. Festivalgoers often find themselves standing or walking for hours, so it is usually a good idea to avoid high heels and stilettos. Stylish runners and flats could be good choices for the day. Casual bags such as backpacks are practical as they can be used to carry everything.


Long flowing tresses are a classic feature of festival outfits, but those with bad hair days could keep hair braided or use a hat to keep their hair hidden from view. Other trends in festival hair include hair bands, floral headbands, floral hair accessories, and halo braids accessorised with flowers.

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