The playsuit has been touted as this summer’s perfect alternative to the lightweight skirt or dress. Festive and fun, the playsuit gives the wearer a degree of carefreeness, without the fear of exposure during a windy gust or when riding a bike.

The playsuit was created in the 1930s in New York as sportswear before being rebranded as a stylish alternative to more restrictive pieces. In the 1940s it served as beachwear, and in the 1950s it was popularised by celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe as an elegant and bold fashion statement.


By the 1960s the playsuit was firmly entrenched in fashion, and during this decade playsuits were laid-back and retro in design. This changed in the 1970s, when the playsuit once again became glamorous. The playsuit made a huge return to the fashion industry in 2006.

Today, many brands and fashion icons have shown their love for the playsuit, and it remains a versatile summer piece. Complement a playsuit with heels or wedges, or create a casual look by accessorising with sneakers and shades for festivals and events.


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