A stylish winter coat insulates the wearer from the cold while keeping them stylish. However, choosing the right coat is not always a straightforward matter. Here are some useful tips that those shopping for a coat can keep in mind.

The wearer should review their personal style and existing wardrobe when settling on the best style and colours in a coat. For example, a bold-coloured coat can make a good addition to a wardrobe that features mainly neutral colours. 

A general rule is to choose a coat that fits at the waist and flares at the hem, as it can enhance your silhouette. Single-breasted coats are less likely to flap around when worn unbuttoned, creating a less bulky feel to the coat.

A versatile coat is usually above the knee or longer in length, as coats of this length tend to go well with dresses, skirts, or pants of any length. This provides the wearer with more opportunity to wear their coat with any outfit.


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