master the art of layering this winter

Layering is a classic way to enliven an outfit during the colder season. This season’s runway trends provide some inspiration for mastering the art of layering.

A collared shirt peeking over a vest or jumper under the winter coat is a simple way to create layers. Mix the seasons by wearing summer dresses over winter accessories such as knee high boots or leather pants.

Incorporate sheer materials for extra dimension in winter outfits. Use a jumper or cardigan as a scarf to keep shoulders warm and to create an extra layer.


Vests are one of the most versatile items for layering; these can be thrown over shirts and dresses for extra colour. Accessories such as scarves can also be layered around the neck.

A novel look recently observed on the runway is wearing a dark-coloured evening dress over a thick knit of a lighter colour, such as grey. For extremely cold days, wear a leather jacket over a long trench coat.