Recent research has shown that the average UK woman has 100 items of clothing in her wardrobe — ten of which will never be worn. Stylist Mark Heyes believes women need to be making smarter decisions when it comes to buying clothes.

One reason behind the huge number of clothes is weather, with a large number of women admitting that they go shopping when it’s the change of seasons.


Heyes told Fashion First that with good layering and quality items, there should be no reason for women to hit the shops simply because of weather change. He believes that designers are carefully planning their outfits, ensuring that an item you purchase in October will see you all the way through to June.

In order to pull of a trans-seasonal wardrobe, Heyes suggested:

Minimalist approach

Start by selecting light pieces in soft colours and natural fabrics, which are perfect for layering.


Turn an old pair of jeans into a cute pair of denim shorts by cutting off the ends or take the sleeves off a shirt to create a cute summer top.

Be savvy

Before making a new purchase, make sure you have other items at home that can be worn with the piece. Try to steer clear of buying simply because of a current trend if you don’t feel that you’ll get lots of use out of those items.

Look after your clothes

Keep bold colours bright by washing in fabric conditioner and keep your whites sparkling white with Napisan. Use washing bags for delicate items and follow washing instructions on labels.


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