The arrival of the coldest season of the year brings an opportunity to revamp your wardrobe with oversized coats, leather, scarves, and boots. The following ideas can be used to inspire an interesting and eclectic winter wardrobe.

The big coat

The current trend in coats is oversized, loose-fitting, and androgynous designs. These coats provide a very wide fit, but those who prefer a more traditional look for their coats will still find it easy to purchase a fitted coat.


Long fitted coats in appealing colours such as pink, baby blue, and orange are popular at the moment. Other than the oversized and fitted style, those seeking to buy a new coat could opt for a trench-style coat, which never goes out of style.

Military-style coats are also popular this season, and they can make an excellent winter outfit when worn with skinny jeans and boots. The printed bomber jacket is another alternative to consider. Complement coats with belts, scarves, and long boots for a rugged-up winter look.

Wearing winter knits

Winter knits are a staple in any wardrobe, and there are ways to wear the same knit in a variety of different ways to get more mileage out of them. For example, a block-coloured knit could be worn over a shirt, with some jeans and heels for a classic look.

Another novel way to dress up a knit is to wear a vintage jacket, leather or military-style, over the jumper. Sleeveless dresses can be worn over knits for a cute and stylish outfit. For a different look, try a knit in geometric patterns and wear it with a printed skirt for contrast.

Accessorising with scarves

Scarves are another staple of the winter wardrobe, and they come in endless colours and designs. A general rule to keep in mind when wearing scarves is to use bright colours for a muted outfit, or to use plain and neutral colours when accessorising with a multi-coloured or patterned outfit.

Loops are a quick and easy way to wear the scarf. Fold the scarf in half and pull the two loose ends through the resulting loop to wear the scarf tightened around your neck area. This goes well with suits and tailored outfits. An alternative to this method is the round and back look, which involves looping the scarf around the back and bringing both ends back to the front.

The scarf can also be worn over the shoulder by wrapping the scarf over the shoulders and bringing the ends to the front. Take one end and drape it over the shoulder for a loose-fitting and casual look.

Large scarves can be worn as shawls, whereby one end is draped over the shoulder to the back. Brooches can be used to secure the scarf in place.

Other winter trends

One of the strongest trends to watch this winter is leather: metallic leather, leather pants, and leather panelling. Boots are as popular as ever, and the ankle-length is the hottest look at the moment, whether as flats or in chunky-heeled style.

Wide-legged pants are another item to include in your winter outfit this season, along with the white, fitted jeans, which can be worn with neutral colours and black accessories for a polished look.

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