Autumn/Winter 2022 Fashion Forecast

As the warm summer season makes way for the cooler, colourful autumn months, which in turn give way to the cold months of winter, new and interesting trends begin to emerge. It’s such an exciting time of year that gives us the opportunity to re-evaluate our wardrobe situations, and find out what the next big trends will be to help inform our buying decisions. Change is in the air, and Esther & Co is here to help you navigate it with our Autumn/Winter Fashion Forecast for 2022. Whether you’re after a few transitional pieces or a complete wardrobe overhaul, this forecast will help you achieve an effortlessly-chic everyday look throughout and in between the seasons.

Trench Coats

As we transition into winter, the cooler weather means outerwear items become winter wardrobe staples, and this season, trench coats are all the rave! A trench coat is the perfect outer layer for the slightly rainy, milder days of the season, and it’s incredibly versatile with the ability to be worn in conjunction with knitted layers underneath. At Esther & Co, we love a great trench coat, recently releasing our gorgeous Kamarah Trench Coat in a deep black and a fabulous cream. Cut to a mid-length, it comes in a relaxed silhouette, and it can be styled with everything from printed dresses and skirts, to jeans and tailored pants. The trench coat is a timeless style that will last you for years to come!

Pleated Dresses

Knit dresses are the perfect wardrobe solution for those looking to maintain a gorgeous, elegant look in spite of the colder weather, and this year pleated knit dresses are a must-have. A pleat is fabric that is folded back on itself, creating an accordion-like style. Pleating creates a gorgeous texture and volume in a dress or a skirt, and we love it at Esther & Co! Our bestselling Abby Mae dresses feature gorgeous pleating on the skirt that will add polish to your seasonal wardrobe. Coming in a beautiful dark green, vibrant rust & stunning pink blush, our Abby Mae dresses are the perfect demonstration of the subtle beauty of pleating!

Contrast Colours

Finally, adding contrast colours to your seasonal wardrobe is a terrific way to make a statement. Contrasting one colour with another has always been a core styling belief, and recently the trend has been to contrast colours on the same style! Some of our recent releases have been beautiful examples of contrast colours. Our Contreras Dresses, coming in a gorgeous black & ivory, as well as a beautiful chocolate & cream, are a fabulous knit dress for the cold winter months. For something more fun, our new Tabbie Dresses come in a bright and beautiful Hot Pink & Pink Orange. Our Blaine Dresses, Alidia Dress & Margot Dress are beautifully elegant, combining deep & neutral tones.

This season, shop the latest trends with Esther & Co!