At Esther & Co. we pride ourselves on giving back to the community whenever we can. One way we do this is through our collaboration with Be Hers, an organisation that aims to offer freedom to victims of human-trafficking. Needless to say, we are only able to support this organisation through your help and support, and we are proud to say that $5 from every order over $300 is donated to the amazing cause.

Recently, our CEO Talita joined 900 other inspiring women at the Be Her Freedom charity event in Hobart to raise awareness and funds for the cause. At this event, Talita celebrated Be Hers’ positive impact by listening to inspiring speakers and munching on incredible food! She also shared her experiences in Cambodia, where on behalf of Esther, she helped women who were rescued from trafficking by visiting the cafes and venues that share a similar view in support of the cause. 


At the event, Be Hers reinforced their main vision which states “while we are free, we will use our freedom to fight for the freedom of others.’’ This is very close to our hearts and is a core belief of everyone in the Esther team. 


This is especially important seeing that every 30 seconds someone is trafficked, whether it be men forced into slave labour or women into sex trafficking. In order to continue supporting Be Hers, their gorgeous styles are online now at Esther & Co for you to shop!

The best part is, 100% of the proceeds will fund the construction of more sewing centres, so that women have secure jobs. This is your chance to help out and give back, as these sewing centres will give women a chance to earn an income outside the industry of human trafficking. 

Are you ready to shop for change?