In the heart of winter’s embrace, where the fireside becomes a sanctuary, we unveil the Fireside Collection. Here, in the warmth of glowing embers and crackling logs, this range comes to life. With knitwear that wraps you in softness, outerwear that shields you with grace, and dresses that exude effortless sophistication, each piece is designed to reflect the tranquil allure and deep warmth of a fireside embrace.

Feel the gentle caress of these jumpers as soft as a whispering winter breeze, transporting you to a realm of serenity and warmth.

A symphony of colours and patterns, each stitch in these dresses tells a story of vibrant tropics and joyous celebrations.

Shielding us from the elements with grace and grandeur, these coats are a verdant embrace that mirrors the tranquil beauty of a city skyline at nightfall.

Experience a comforting embrace with these cardigans that echo the tranquil beauty of a wood fire's glow, cocooned in the softness of a black and white.

Megan Ponce