Celebrating International Women's Day with Esther & Co.

In celebration of International Women's Day, we're taking a moment to embrace self love and female empowerment! Today, the team at Esther & Co. have got you covered for your healthy dose of inspiration to make you feel like a girl in charge.
To be a self-made superwoman, you need to be adoring every single part of you! Confidence is the key to beauty.
Right now, women everywhere are fighting to take back control over stereotypes and injustice. In this wave of uprising, we asked the Esther & Co. team what female empowerment means to them, and these are some our responses!
"To me, female empowerment means owning every part of you with pride, and letting yourself be lifted up by other confident women"
- Veronica, Product Assistant
"Chasing dreams and achieving goals on your own terms! Being in control of your ambitions and making them happen all on your own"
- Travis, Marketing Manager
"Not letting anyone make you feel inferior!"
- Sarah, Customer Care Manager
"Kicking goals, staying true to your vision, working WITH women instead of against, and owning every decision with confidence."
- Keira, Marketing Coordinator
"Strength in numbers - standing up together and proving to the world that every person is capable of anything they want."
- Melina, Graphic Designer
Being a woman in 2018 is an AMAZING thing! Get your girls around you, build each other up, and take control of your goals. Go and tell all of the ladies in your life how much you appreciate them!