Layer Up, Level Up: Elevate Your Layering Game With These 5 Tips! 🧥

It’s the transitional time of the year again, as summer slowly gives way to autumn. Amping up your layering game is the key to transforming your look and setting yourself apart from the crowd. With the right techniques, you can create outfits that blend style, functionality and comfort. For cooler days, achieve hotter looks with these 5 essential tips!

1. Mix Textures

Combine different fabrics like denim, silk, wool and leather to add depth and interest to your layers.

2. Play with Lengths

Experiment with different lengths of layers, such as a cropped jacket over a longer shirt, to create a visually appealing silhouette.

3. Focus on Fit

Ensure that each layer fits well and complements your body shape, avoiding overly bulky or tight layers in the wrong places.

4. Accessorise Wisely

Use accessories like scarves, belts and statement jewellery to enhance your layered look.

5. Mix & Match Colours

Experiment with different colour palettes to create a fun and cohesive look. Create interesting contrast and complement tones based on the colour wheel.

Be ready to take your trans seasonal style to the next level with these outerwear 🧡

woman reading a magazine wearing a teddy jacketwoman wearing a high neckline peach textured jumperwoman wearing a brown toned coat