Sarah Glover

See why Sarah Glover is our Woman of the Month!
Sarah started cooking professionally when she was 16, over the years she's helped design menus for restaurants and created her own cookie company called Bondi Bikkies. Aside from that she's catered events such as the Be Her Freedom charity ball in Hobart for 900 women. And she's of course the creator behind our spectacular Christmas party spread!
Originally from Tasmania, Sarah now resides in Sydney, you can visit her Bondi Bikkies store or go to her website for recipes, travel tips and more. 

"Cooking has always involved people and my heart. I have always loved, the idea of making someone something they can experience and find joy in and  I am obsessed with flavours and texture. I hope that this blog inspires you to enjoy a simple pleasure in cooking, finding new flavours, adventures and the great outdoors." - Sarah Glover    


Our recipe pick for summer! 




6 witlof, cleaned and cut in quarters
300g walnuts slightly toasted in the oven or in a pan over a medium flame, keep half a cup aside for garnishing the salad
100ml verjuice
2 shallots skin removed and cut roughly
1 cup water
1 cup of whole egg mayonnaise



In a blender or Thermomix add the walnuts, verjuice, shallots, mayonnaise and water blend until it forms a smooth dressing-like consistency 

You want it to be slightly runny, taste and season accordingly.

Set aside until your other elements are ready. When the table is set and the ham is sliced, pour the dressing over the top of the witlof and then sprinkle the extra nuts over the top.

Feeds: 10 - 12 people.