Lucille Houston is a Sydney-born girl living out her dreams in LA, as a lead pastor for Hillsong LA. She is completely family-oriented, and lives a life committed to her husband, her four children, and God.
Growing up with a strong, empowering mother, Lucille has always responded to every life challenges with courage and respect. It takes guts to move a young family overseas! However Lucille trusts in her faith to lead her journey, and believes that with every transition and calling, she is exactly where she needs to be.
In the hopes to inspire other young mums, Lucille started a lifestyle blog, She uses her positive outlook on life to comment on family, faith, fashion and lifestyle, and encourages others to live a balanced, full life. For young mums or anyone struggling with big transitions in life, Lucille has some amazing advice on pushing forward in the face of adversity.
As a mum of 4, Lucille values fun and confidence in her life. Her style is always on point, and we highly recommend checking out her Insta for some fashion inspo. She nails the busy-muma look, and her style is fresh, clean, and fun.
Lucille looking gorgeous in Esther
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