BOHO: Why You Should Give The Iconic Fashion Classic A Go

Boho has stood the test of time and is always being reimagined with current fashion trends. Here are your how-to’s on reimagining boho for 2021 trends.

It’s a known fact that boho never goes out of style. Since its inception in the 70s, it has always been recurring within the latest fashion trends time and time again. Born out of the culture, lifestyle and ideology of the hippie movement, boho fashion has become a classic and iconic style choice for millions of fashionistas worldwide. Typically, when we think of boho, we think of long flowy skirts, loose blouses and slouchy sun dresses. Earth tones, as well as statement jewellery, married with textured linens and retro prints also come to mind, so how do we modernise these iconic pieces for Esther Muses?

But first, it’s important to understand the history of boho fashion and how it came about to be such an iconic fashion statement. With strong associations with the 70s, it’s a lesser known fact that boho fashion originated in the 19th Century as a counterculture to the social norms of the time. Fast forward a couple of centuries and it was reborn through the free spirit and liberation of the hippie lifestyle. This style served as an alternative to the traditional trends of fashion, as well as a rebellion against fashion norms and constraints. The numerous freedom movements loosened these structures, housing a space for creative and unconventional self expression.


Now that we understand the values of the boho style, it’s time to learn how you can style your own wardrobe with that same freedom and flair. As we imagined earlier, loose and flowy clothing is what initially comes to mind, and we know just what pieces you need to achieve this iconic look. Mixing and matching prints is also a classic boho technique; from retro florals to psychedelic swirls to colourful paisley prints, the more out there the better! Another iconic style inspiration for boho fashion is travel. Boho fashion classics take inspiration from different ethnic cultures and this can be seen through the use and wear of tunics, embroidery as well as beading and fringe pieces.

If you’re after that classic boho feel, our Noela Pants is the one. This new arrival features a tan, cream and light bue floral print in a relaxed fit, and is a great place to start your boho journey. True to the trend, these flowy, high waisted pants will instantly elevate your look. Pair it with our Emba Top to make the ultimate boho statement, or if you’re after a more modern look, a neutral crop top will do the trick. Wear these pieces better by wearing our Pietra necklace and donning heeled sandals to achieve the full effect.


If you’re after one statement piece, the Veera Dress is your perfect match. Nothing says boho more than a slouchy dress with a relaxed fit and tassel detailed neckline adorning a navy and peach floral print. As it’s a looser piece, it’s perfect for Esther women who are expecting. Pair this piece, or it’s pink counterpart, with slides and your favourite pair of aviators to complete the look.

If you’re dreaming about a look that’s more boho chic, you can’t go wrong with pairing our rich chocolate tone Keanna Top with our neutral Mayra Pants in white. Linen is an essential when it comes to boho fashion, and the trendy chocolate colourway means you are effortlessly slaying two trends with the one outfit and we love to see it! Complement this look with a pair of cat eye sunglasses, mule sandals and our Oro Necklace for the perfect boho chic look.


Feeling inspired to add some boho vibes to your wardrobe? You can check out new boho pieces and inspiration here.