Woman in knitwear

Love your new fashion must-haves? Make them last longer! We recommend caring for your new clothing with a gentle cold hand wash.

Whether you want your new dress to stay dressy or just want your cosy knits to last as long as possible, our classic must-haves and style will continue to make you look your best for years to come.

There is so much that we are now learning and understanding on how to best care for our clothing. With new ways designers are creating or using different fabrications, as well as more insights into how much laundry days are impacting our carbon footprint, we now know there is a better way you can continue to enjoy your new fashion pieces.

They say a pair of jeans can last from ten to twenty years. But, have you ever wondered how you can keep your favourites looking fresh?

Outside of choosing classic styles and silhouettes that celebrate you, you can also follow these simple steps:

1. Only wash your clothing when you have to. If you haven’t sweated up a storm in it or spilled any red wine, you could probably air your clothing before re-wearing it another time. This avoids harsh chemicals that are sometimes in the dry cleaning process or even our laundry detergents.
2. Use Fabric softener only if you need to. Fabric softener does just that. It softens your clothes. Did you know that can mean it doesn’t last as long? This is particularly true for denim which is why they sometimes feel like they “thin” and are more likely to wear and tear.
3. Gentle cold hand wash your items. By washing your clothes in cold water, your clothes will have fewer wrinkles and be less likely to shrink. It can also help the colour stay true and fast. This means it can save on energy, help your clothes last longer and reduce your ironing time!

Need more help? Ask our customer care team who can recommend which items would be best to care for with a gentle, cold handwash or other ways to get the most life out of your new, favourite fashion pieces.