Esther Marketplace

The ideal platform to sell your products alongside the best of Australian fashion, homewares, beauty and accessory brands.


The Esther Marketplace is another sales channel to help supplement the revenue from your current website. You’ll be able to sell your products seamlessly on the Esther Marketplace with a hassle free one-time integration of your website’s product feed & images.

Pack & Send

When one of your products is purchased via the Esther Marketplace, our specialised third party platform will update the stock levels of your products in real time while simultaneously sending an order through to your system for you to pack per your usual process.

Commission Fee

We charge a small commission fee per sale of your product on our marketplace. As there is no additional monthly fee & only commission on purchases—there is no risk involved in joining the Esther Marketplace.

The Benefits

Increased opportunity for sales

By joining the Esther Marketplace you will give your products the best chance to be seen & purchased Via the Marketplace, your products will be in front of 77,000 unique users on a weekly basis.

Marketing made easy

You’ll be included in our Marketplace bi-weekly newsletter & a monthly post on each of Esther’s social platforms.

Elevated brand awareness

Let us introduce your brand to our network of over ½ million users of 18-35 yr old females.

Take advantage of our immense online audience to effortlessly uplift your revenue and grow your brand.

If you’d like further information before applying, feel free to email

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