Hey stunners, we understand that everyone can be a little forgetful at times, especially with a special event like a WEDDING coming up! When prepping for the most exciting day of your life, some things can be overlooked… but don’t worry we’ve got your back! To make sure that you feel as ready and fierce as possible, we have made a cheat sheet full of things that a bride will never think of… 

Heel Stoppers:

If you’re planning to take natural light wedding photos on the grass, it’s important to bring heel stoppers! This is especially important for brides that are wearing a lovely thin strappy heel as it prevents you from sinking into the grass!

Wear-in your wedding shoes

In order to minimise the pain from wearing heels all day, you should wear them in! We all know that new shoes are beautiful but can often cause blisters. In order to make sure this does not stop you from busting a move on the df, make sure you walk around in your shoes beforehand. This will loosen up the shoe and make it more comfortable! One less thing to worry about! 

Create a hashtag:

Making an event hashtag is necessary to keep all posts from the wedding in one place. This will make it easier to look back on these memories with your significant other in the future! Try and make the hashtag as creative as possible by making it a clever pun, involving the bride and grooms’ names. 

Water-proof eyelash glue/makeup: 

When those happy tears overflow, water-proof makeup is a must! This is especially important to make sure your glam stays on point for photos. You can make sure your glam is secure by messaging your makeup artist in advance to make sure that they are bringing water-proof makeup, or if you’re a queen and doing your own makeup, make sure to purchase water-proof products.

Emergency cash:

A simple way to make sure things run smoothly is to keep some cash on you! This can prevent any unnecessary hold ups so you can enjoy your day care-free. 

Emergency touch ups: 

Sometimes an extra touch up is needed to bring your look back to life. For these touch ups, only a few things are needed. In your emergency pack make sure you include deodorant, extra lipstick, Panadol and double sided clothing tape. 

Drink lots of water

To enjoy your day fully, you need to prioritise your health. A precaution that is often neglected is the importance of drinking water. This can prevent dehydration and help with the nerves for your big day! 

Beauty sleep

Another important precaution to make sure you're fully energetic for the big moment is to ensure you get your beauty sleep! Sleep will make sure that you are less stressed and will also put you in a better mood. 

Enjoy the moment: 

Lastly, and most importantly, once everything is sorted out, don’t forget to take the moment in. Everyone at your wedding will want you to have the time of your life, you are the most important person in the room! Remember to take heaps of videos and photos to look back on these moments with your groom and family members.   

Take the cake home: 

After the celebrations, you and your groom are likely to feel hungry. The most enjoyable way to satisfy this hunger is to eat your wedding cake! This is why taking your wedding cake leftovers home is a must. 

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