Celebrating International Dog Day With Esther!

At Esther & Co., we’re not just about empowering and clothing women. We have a huge passion and heart for dogs, and without them, we wouldn’t have had the support we needed to help build our Esther & Co. community - and in our lives. So that’s why we are celebrating International Dog Day - a day of utmost appreciation for our dog! We want to acknowledge and shower our companions who have always been there to give us unconditional love. 

We have partnered up with Mission Pawisble to raise awareness and aid support in rescuing dogs around the world. In addition, we have asked our lovely team to send through a photo and a little description of their companion -- continue reading below! From this, we have also asked the team to pick their current favourite items from Esther & Co., where curated into a collection for everyone to shop to support and raise awareness to rescuing dogs. For every order placed that includes any items from this collection, $1 will be donated to Mission Pawsible. Shop the collection to be a part of saving our furry friends today! 

About Mission Pawsible

Founded in 2015, the not-for-profit organisation collaborates with charities and shelters around the world to help animals who cannot help themselves through rescue, rehabilitation, rehoming and foster care. Additionally, Mission Pawsible goes the extra mile by also providing education, activation, and empowerment through local animal communities within their country. In the first year of operation, Mission Pawsible rescued and rehabilitated over 150 dogs in Bali. They continue their journey with special projects such as The Healing Centre, The Unadoptables and Unleashed Dog Park. To find out more, or if you would like to directly donate, click here


Meet Lacy

Rescued by our CEO Talita, Lacy was a stray dog residing on the coast of Uluwatu, Bali. Talita first encountered Lacy when she was at the rooftop of her villa. Coming from out of the blue, Lacy was persistently nudging at Talita. 10 minutes later, an earthquake had hit the vicinity. From then, Talita knew how special Lacy was. She was taken to a vet to get cleaned up and sterilised, then transferred to a dog shelter for adoption as Talita had to return back to Australia.

Meanwhile, Lacy was being taken care of by @thebalidog, a kind shelter for rescued dogs, where a young lady named Madison from Canada came across a photo of Lacy on the foster/adopt page whilst staying in Bali. A unique connection was made that Madison could not bare to leave behind, so Lacy was rehomed in Vancouver with Madison where she has been living her best life ever since. 


Meet Our Esther Dogs

Bobbi and Poppi

'Little Bobbi and poppi are my babies, they are so cute and both have such different personalities..  Bobbi is a bit of a grandpa and just loves cuddles and waddling around the park.. However, Poppi has so much energy I can’t even keep up with her. She's very free-spirited and loves running! Poppies favourite things are sticks and swimming and she loves vegetables however, Bobbi likes to be lazy and loves red wine and cheese hehe’  


'Whenever I visited family back home, I always tended and looked after the many street dogs of my area. After graduating from University, I went back to India for 4 months. In these four months I formed a beautiful bond with the local pups. Everyday I would load up a backpack full of dog food and go on a 4 hour trek feeding over 75 dogs. When I returned to Australia, my heart felt so empty without the love of my furry friends, which is when I found Millie. Millie has been my strength, and my family for the last 8 years. Together we’ve done over 100 hikes, moved homes 6 times, and chased many waterfalls. I’ve celebrated every adult milestone with her by my side. She is truly my soulmate!'


'Belle is super special to me because she is the most hyperactive and crazy pup. She brings a lot of humour and happiness and is providing so much company during these crazy COVID times.'





'Meet Zoe, this is my partners' cousin's doggo and she is an absolute cutie. I adore her as her bubbly-puppy personality is so energetic and fun, and reminds me to enjoy the little things. In her case, it would be a sock she's found and is playing tug of war with, and for me, it would be the laughs I get to enjoy watching her win in the tug of war against my partner.She is generous in the kisses and love she gives to all she interacts with and always manages to put a smile on my face.'


‘Benji was rescued from an abusive home when he was only a couple months old. He is your big friendly giant. He has a mean bark that only means well. You wouldn’t believe he has a soft gentle heart that only seeks head scratches and a good body rub. He has provided so much comfort in me that I didn’t know a dog could give.’




‘Meet Jessie! Words cannot describe the unconditional love I have for her! Her pure soul and innocent ora casts an enduring spell on all of us, she is more than just an addition to the family she is my ultimate soul mate!’




Barcforpets Giveaway

Barcforpets have kindly partnered with us to host a special giveaway for our amazing customers to celebrate International Dog Day. One lucky winner will win an Esther & Co. $150 Gift Voucher, and up to $150 worth of Barcforpets products. Enter here via our Instagram. Good luck!