As Christmas Day creeps up, we thought we would share some classic (and some not-so-classic) festive activities for you and your fam to enjoy. Whether you're looking for a fun way to get the family interacting, or you're just sick of the same old Christmas routine - we've got something for everyone!

The Classic Game of Beach Cricket


Hot sun + hot roast + rooms full of people = sweaty mess! A great way to escape the heat is to take your crew down to the beach, with a cricket bat and ball. Remind everyone to bring a pair of swimmers so that you can jump into the water post-sweat. A game of beach cricket is the best way to embrace the Aussie Christmas, and get the fam up and moving after a big lunch.
Make sure to bring the essentials: an esky, cold drinks, and sunscreen! 

Christmas Carol Games


Feeling a bit too full to run around on hot sand? Gather your close ones around for a festive game. There are so many fun Christmas Carol games you can play to get everyone laughing, but one of our faves is 'Name That Tune'.
For this game,  players predict who can name the tune in the least amount of notes. For example, one player will say he can name the Christmas song in 10 notes, the opposing player might then say he can name it in nine notes. When players stop challenging one another, the one who last made the prediction listens to the allotted amount of notes. If she can guess correctly, she wins a point. If not, additional notes are played until someone guesses the tune. That person wins the point.

Christmas Light Searching


As the day comes to end, a fun way to keep everyone in the Christmas spirit is to take a walk around the area to check out some festive lights! People really up the anti on Christmas Day when it comes to lighting up their home, so why not take a stroll to appreciate all of the sparkling beauty on display in your local area.
Bring some treats along to keep any kids excited (there's no such thing as too much sugar on Xmas Day right?!) and enjoy some quality time with your family. 



Karaoke is a winner at any party, so why not embrace everyone's high spirits and crack out a classic sing-a-long. After a few champagnes, anyone is brave enough to face the mic! Every family has their favourite tunes, so take on all of your traditional faves as a family. To add a festive twist, try your hand at singing a few Christmas classics like Mariah's 'All I Want For Christmas'.

Get Splashy


If you've got a swimming pool on Christmas Day, then it's already going to be a hit! While making sure you've got plenty of fun floats to play around with is important, spice things up with some fun games. Whether it's just the kids or you can get everyone in, try out a classic game of Marco Polo. Keep things interesting by adding in some festive rules, like 'the next person caught out has to sing Jingle Bells underwater' or say 'Santa Claus' instead of 'Marco Polo'. 
Another classic winner with a big group of people is starting a water balloon fight. Prepare a surprise attack, and get everyone involved by having a bunch or balloons ready to go!
However you spend to choose your Christmas Day, be sure to make your day as special as possible. Stay safe, eat a lot, and  focus on time with the people you love. From everyone at Esther & Co., have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! 
Esther & Co.