This month we're celebrating the incredible Sara Eshu - photographer, fashion blogger, and advocator for social change! We are also proud to call her a dear friend of Esther & Co.
With the belief that she needed "tell the stories of those who have been forgotten", Sara recently used her photography skills to fundraise for the amazing organisation, Preemptive Love.
Preemptive Love is an organisation dedicated to aiding families affected by violence in Iraq, Syria, and the United States. They've created a community based on love and hope, to help rebuild the lives of sufferers in war-torn countries.
Sara chose to host a photography exhibition based on the story of Queen Esther, who stood for justice, overcame great adversities, and brought freedom to her people. The photographs were sold off during the event, and all funds raised went directly to Preemptive Love who, like Esther, are defenders of peace and protecting those who can't protect themselves. Sara raised over $3,100 for the organisation!
Here are a few snaps from the incredible event:
Sara plans to use her skills and influence to continue advocating for social justice and freedom. Make sure to follow Sara to support her on her journey of speaking up for those you cannot. You can also check out her work at!
If you want to find out more about Preemptive Love and see how you can help bring emergency to war-torn families, then check them out at
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