February Woman of the Month - Grace Tame

Grace TameWe wrote about Grace back in January 2021 after she was named Australian of the Year. Our admiration of her as a person and the pride we feel of her advocacy work continues to this today. Her foundation, the Grace Tame Foundation, was established last year and works to lobby Australian governments to take ‘appropriate action by enacting laws, delivering educational programs, and encouraging social behaviours’ that drive meaningful change. Her courage and determination have led to subsequent legal reforms, the first of which was the granting of the freedom for sexual abuse survivors to speak out about their experiences legally. This reform raised public awareness of the impacts of sexual violence and has changed the national conversation, empowering survivors to safely share their stories.

Here at Esther & Co., our core values of empowerment, kindness & positivity are exemplified by Grace and her life's work - her bravery and dedication in raising awareness of tragedy & trauma; her kindness in putting the safety of others first; and her positivity and confidence in building a better world. All these in addition to her passion, and her articulate & eloquent public speaking are the reasons why Grace stood out to us as a fierce woman to be admired. She epitomises the effort to empower women by giving them the voice to speak their stories, and we believe this reflects the heart of our mission to empower women every day. So, as Grace works to give a voice to the vulnerable, we too work, with our partnership with Be Hers, to protect and improve the lives of the vulnerable. We want to be like Grace in working to make a positive impact on the lives of women.

Grace Tame Graphic

Grace’s optimism to change the world by empowering individuals to do better is best expressed through her own words: ‘Just as the impacts of evil are borne by all of us, so too are solutions borne of all of us.’ Her dedication to speaking out against injustice and advocating for change inspires us to work together to improve the world we live in. She is a more than worthy choice for our Woman of the Month for February. We hope she inspires you as much as she does us.

The Esther Team x