Ladies, it's that time of year. We have all been enjoying the perks of the chilly season by stuffing our faces with all things comfort food, but the reality has kicked in. What is this reality, you ask? Winter won’t last forever and eventually we all have to swap out the chunky turtle necks for strappy sundresses and you guessed it…swimsuits. Here is our 5 step guide to getting that summer body, read until the end for a sneaky bonus step and tip.

Step 1: Get motivated

Yep, that’s right - it’s time to get started. Seems simple right? And guess what, it actually is simple once you change your mindset. Whether it’s the fast-approaching warmer weather, an upcoming euro trip or just wanting a change of lifestyle, once you have a purpose the rest will flow.

Step 2: Activewear

Let’s be honest, every now and then we all need a retail therapy boost and nothing says #motivated like a cute new activewear outfit.


Step 3: Find a work-out buddy

We all have one fit friend who has tried to convince you for months to go for those 5:00am runs and the rest (you know who you are!). Well, it’s officially time to join forces and conquer the #healthlife together. Having a work out buddy not only keeps you motivated but also holds you accountable. Have you ever tried to cancel an early morning workout only to be met with your bestie’s beeping horn until you caved? Because, same. 

Step 4: Perfect your workout regime 

It’s important to remember that your workout routine is personal. Jen might have amazing results with weight training, whereas Jan will swear by HIIT classes. The best way to find out what works best for you is by getting a taste of it all and modifying your regime from there. Don’t forget the fun factor, if you are finding yourself bored and scrolling through IG mid-workout, whatever you're doing ain’t working and it’s time to switch it up.


Step 5: Set a goal and be patient 

Babe, patience is key! You have to remember that your Summer bod won’t be ready overnight. Try and give yourself a realistic goal and deadline that will suit your lifestyle. Keep focused on your personal goal and work at it until you’re happy with the results. If you haven’t seen the results within the deadline, KEEP GOING! Your body will thank you for it.


Bonus Step: Treat yo’self

If you are planning on also changing your diet, remember it’s important to also treat yourself in order to stop yourself from binging and undoing all your hard work! If you are anything like us and crave a sweet treat every now and then, remember there are SO many low calorie options that you can eat on the daily without breaking your diet.

Esther & Co.