Okay so it turns out winter this year isn’t going to be as short lived as we had hoped. The days continue to get shorter & the temps are going down along with the quickly setting sun. Not to worry, we’re here to help you keep calm & winter on with 5 snug tips xx


First things first, this season calls for a piping hot drink. Start off your day by picking up your go–to coffee or tea. It’s definitely a season to treat yourself. Whether you're heading to work in your car or public transport, there’s something about having your fave drink in hand that makes these chilly trips surprisingly enjoyable.
Featured ~ Pauletta Jumper 



Next up, one of the best parts about winter --the fashion! Complete winter looks often include 5+ pieces. Start with thinner fabrics to keep the heat in & end with larger plush pieces. Use this opportunity to get creative with layers & accessories. You’ll be cosy all while holding the title for trendiest on the block.
Featured ~ Tynisha Knit & Manson Jacket


No heater? No problem. Pick out a yummy recipe & get to baking.  The oven will be working double time --as your delicious dessert bakes, your house temp will rise. Within 30 minutes you'll not only have a cosy house, but also one very happy you with a tasty treat in hand.



For those extra frosty days, take your warmth to the next level with a loop neck scarf or chic hat -- you'll be snug from head to toe.
Featured ~ Gosling Scarf
Featured ~ Cylie Suede Cap



While it's tempting to stay in & hibernate through these icy evenings, you've got to make moves!  Throw on your head turning knit dress & meet your friends for a girls night out -- include a few glasses of bubbly & your killer dance moves for a sure fire way to keep warm. 
Featured ~ Vuitton Dress $79.95


The next time you're feeling a bit frozen remember to use one of these quick fix tips.  Not to worry Spring will be here before you know it but until then keep the coffee flowing and the layers thick. Have a peek in our Winter Edit, the styles there will definitely help get you through.  Be on the lookout, next week we'll further help you get into the spirit of winter--you'll be able to frost yourself with our new line of stunning jewelry!!
Happy Hump day ladies, have a great one! xx



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