The Timeless Tone


Colour trends come and go each season but black is the epitome of a ‘classic’.  Scroll through some of our latest fave black styles and check out why we think black is the timeless tone xx


Mary Lace Mesh Top ~ $54.95Anya Lace Top ~ $79.95Inka Knit ~ $49.95Reynolds Biker Jacket ~ $129.95



It’s versatile, sleek & somehow always manages to make you feel like a million bucks. Styles in this tone stand the test of time & remain on-point looks as fads fade in & out.  Okay well minus the one black shirt you bought in year 7 with lime green writing on it because ‘punk’ at the time was in…or maybe that was just me…anyways you get the point –you can never go wrong with adding a new black look to your wardrobe.

For those of you who are a bit monochrome obsessed, I’m sure you’re nodding at this point. 

There is simply no such thing as ‘too much’ of this tone.  While we still love to branch out & choose items in vibrant bold hues, we can do this confidently because we know our classic black pieces (whether it be a top, choker, pumps etc) are at home waiting to be paired with the statement print we just purchased. You know that one friend of yours who gets along with everyone?  Think of your staple black styles just like that! You can mix and match your black pieces like there is no tomorrow.  Going for a casual appeal? Throw on your black knit, some ripped denim & converse.  Or perhaps you’re ready for your Friyay night out! In this case pair the black knit with a high wasted skirt, tights & knee highs.  If you’re simply unsure of what get-up an event needs, just remember it is a rare day that a little black dress doesn’t suit.  The diversity of this tone transforms it into more than a wardrobe ‘want’–it’s a need and always will be.

Have an incredible weekend ladies!  Need some entertainment?  Our amazing & bubbly CEO Talita Estelle is taking over Esther’s Snapchat all weekend--follow @esther_boutique to see her Bali adventures! xx


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