Life In Boho

These days, most of us associate ‘boho’ or ‘bohemian’ with the fashion style, but it’s so much more than that. The boho style that we know and love today finds its roots in the bohemian culture of the 1960s and 1970s, a counter-cultural movement closely associated with the hippie movement. The people of that movement embraced an alternative, relaxed, laidback, highly expressive lifestyle that broke free from the more traditional forms of aesthetics and beauty. ‘Boho’ is the embodiment of a relaxed, expressive spirit of nonconformity.

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That same boho spirit of the 60s and 70s is making a comeback today in the fashion world. More and more of us are turning to effortless, easy-to-wear, highly-expressive, relaxed fashion lines that we now affectionately call ‘boho’. Embracers of the boho style value earthy tones, expressive patterns, and loose-fitted styles, and express their inner bohemian through the vibrant and unconventional boho aesthetic.

At Esther & Co., we love the boho style, and we stock an incredible range of gorgeous boho dresses. Our Aurina Dress, coming in a kaleidoscope of different colours, is a wonderful example of the bohemian spirit: a relaxed fit, vivid and expressive floral patterns, and an earthy colour palette. Similarly, our Luisyana Dress, with its fabulous floral details and loose fit, is perfect for the warm spring and summer months. Finally, our Ricarda Dress, also boasting a diverse range of colours, oozes the bohemian spirit with its laidback fit, striking prints, and gorgeous earthy tones. 

The bohemian style is perfect for free-spirited individuals who refuse to dress in order to conform. Live your life in boho with our gorgeous range of boho dresses from Esther & Co!

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