stylish siblings taking on the fashion world

We’ve known for some time that the stylish tendencies of a parent can be passed down onto a child, but according to Glamour magazine, it’s not just one child who’s lucky enough to get the gene but the whole family.

Cara & Poppy Delevigne

The granddaughters of English heritage great Sir Jocelyn Stevens are worlds apart in their style, yet equally as stylish. Cara is frequently seen in her hipster street credentials and graphic t-shirts, while Poppy is a big fan of the statement jacket. Both girls are fast becoming model royalty.


Dakota & Elle Fanning

Both child stars have a delicate grace about their style loving florals and lace, which compliment their delicate features. Both sisters have been the faces of a Marc Jacobs campaign, but Dakota admits her younger sister is much more daring in her fashion choices.

Ashley, Mary Kate & Elizabeth Olsen

The fashion mogul twins have been in the limelight for many years, having started acting at a young age in the sitcom Full House, but Elizabeth has since stepped up as another fashionista in the family. Between the three, the girls have the fashion world at their fingertips.